Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sorry I've been away so long! I've missed dipping my toes into the fashion pool and reading up on what everybody else is loving/wearing.

I have a recent fashion haul I'd love to share with you all, but I'm trying to decide whether I should just post a quick video of the items or try and find time to take decent photos of all of it? Any preferences from you all? I love watching/reading about hauls so I wanted to take a bit to share some of my thrifty/vintage/bargains with my favorite people. Let me know your thoughts!! :) Best wishes to you all...




Fall by thecky featuring joie tops

Joie top

Hudson Jeans slim fit jeans
$305 -

Proenza Schouler leather bag

Kendra scott jewelry

Juicy couture jewelry

Crumpet silk scarve
$115 -

Stella mccartney sunglasses

I wanna Rock N' Roll