Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spring is in the air!

It's only February and we're only a kiss past Valentine's day, but already I find my thoughts turning to spring. And of course spring fashion.

Fantasies of warmer weather, sunshine, birds chirping, the feel of newly exposed skin bare to a light breeze and a warm sun. Are you ready too? Because I can't wait to be at a table, by the water, sipping a raspberry iced tea and relishing the sun of my face. Can you tell I have a thing for my vitamin C?

In this little day dream I'm having an updated 80's revival of chic dress shorts, wedge sandals, a loose tailored blazer, sunglasses you could hide an eye-lift behind, a large men's Rolex watch and an over sized envelope clutch. All in creamy pastels and luxurious materials. Very Maddie Hayes from the TV show Moonlighting. If you haven't seen the show before, check it out! It gets an A in my book for fast paced wit, comedy, double entendre and a young Bruce Willis!

Now I know a lot of you would throw on a statement necklace and a flowy silk top with the modern summer suit, but for me and my own body type, I'd lean towards a body-con tank and some statement rings. And maybe a brooch. Or earrings. Or some fab bangles. Whatever works for you!

  • If you have a marvelous Iman type neck, pull your hair back in a sophisticated bun and rock some megastar earrings.
  • If you're the stunning long and lanky type, the I-just-got-the-house-in-the-divorce statement making necklace should be all yours.
  • If you are a gorgeous voluptuous gal, embrace those curves  and throw some baubles on your fingers to dazzle the boys. 
  • Shorter girls can pull off some smaller but no less eye-catching jewels, just stay away from anything so cutesy that you look like you borrowed from your twelve year old sister or so large it becomes a hazard should you fall off that luxury yacht! 
  • Anyone can pull off some fun and juicy enamel bangles.
  • And for the retro-fashionesta an in-your-face brooch tells the world you've arrived.
Of course these are just suggestions! Make it work for your personal style and taste. You're sure to be lovely no matter what!

Of course in the fantasy I'm adding several inches to my less than statuesque frame, nibbling on a dreamy Cesar chicken salad and throwing in a gorgeous hunk with whom to share my table- I'll allow you to imagine your dream man ;) 

What Springy thing can you not wait for?? Comment below!