Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July Favorites 2013

July Favorites!

Lights! Camera! Action!

For this months favorites I filmed a live action version! Let me know what you think! I'm still very much learning and trying new things, so any feedback or suggestions is very much appreciated!

Best wishes,


Friday, July 26, 2013

One Brand Review: Too Faced

Hey Everyone,

Today's one brand review is on the products I have from Too Faced. Overall I like the brand. It was my number one makeup brand for a few years, pretty much when I was just really getting into makeup. As I've explored other companies, it's slipped a little from number one. I still like it and use many of the products I own, however I have not purchased a new item from them in many years.

The company:

I like their principal - they don't test on animals, which I like. As someone how currently has four rescue mutts that I love dearly and volunteers (when I get the chance and not often enough!) at an animal shelter, I do support that.

They also have this adorable girly, cutesy packaging to all their products. It can be a little impractical for travel, etc, but it is really cute.

I have found that while I really like the company, the products - at least the ones I have- don't amaze me when I compare them to others. The lip glosses are cute, but not something I'd repurchase. The eye shadows I have are amazing colors and I love them, however they aren't super pigmented and I cannot get them to last all day on me. The blush and eyeliners are fine, but I have others that do a better job.

The end result:

Don't get me wrong, I am not bashing on Too Faced. I probably own more from this one company than any other, but I've found other products that I love more or work just as well for me at a better price. I bought most, if not all, of these items on clearance and I enjoy what I have. I just don't reach for it as often as I'd like.

 = Personal favorites!

The Products:

Galaxy Glam Baked Eye Shadow

 Moon Beam - swirled royal blue, black and white
Amber Asteroid - swirled brown and gold
Deep Space - swirled emerald, black and white

Swatches are shown with both wet and dry application.

Pinch My Petals Blush - Pinky-Mauve with grey undertones. Almost Invisible light gold shimmer

 Shadow Insurance - Invisible

 Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner
 Perfect Storm - grey-black with silver glitter

Glamour to Go II (2) 
These shadows don't seem to have a name so quick rundown:
The bottom shadow on my arm is the upper left shadow in the palette. Sorry I didn't do a better job defining what's what! Below that are the four lip glosses and the last photo is of the blush!
This is what happens when it falls out of your luggage from the top shelve of a closet! Whoops!!

Liquif-Eye Shadow Collection: From Upper Left to Bottom Right:
1/2 Ooh & Aah: Charcoal grey with silver glitter
1/2 Ooh & Aah: Silver Satin
Exclusive: Bright shimmering turquoise 
1/2 Full Frontal: Shimmering bronze
1/2 Boy Toy: Slightly shimmering pink rose
1/2 Steel Magnolias: Shimmering citron green 
Oscar: Slightly shimmering light peach
Exclusive: Moss green with almost invisible shimmer
Exclusive: Bright blue-based purple
Vixen: Shimmering grey with purple tones
1/2 Fantasy Island: Shimmering Mermaid sea foam green 
Exclusive: Matte charcoal black 
 Eye Shadow Duo: 
Sexpresso and Peach Fuzz - sheer peach with lots of gold glitter and matte chocolate brown 

Girls Dig Pearls Lip Gloss:
 Shell - light pink with iridescent, duo-chrome pink, purple and iridescent white shimmer
Mirror Shine Lip Gloss:
 Damn I'm Hot - Sheer red creme gloss

Smoky Eye: From Upper Left to Bottom Right:
Cream: Matte cream color
Fawn: Slightly shimmering taupe
Bronze: Slightly shimmering golden brown
Sugar Cookie: Satin beige
Wicked Green: Slightly shimmering emerald
Midnight: Slightly shimmering navy
Black Suede: Matte black
Black Spark: Charcoal grey with silver shimmer
Silver: Silver satin

Naked Eye:
In the buff - matte cream 
Pillow talk - pale taupe with tiny silver shimmer 
Like a virgin - matte medium brown taupe 
Birthday suit - light beige with silver shimmer
Satin sheets - light pink satin with a duo-chrome gold reflect 
Unmentionables - Charcoal grey with silver glitter 
Pink cheeks - pale pink with white iridescent shimmer 
Lap dance - a darker taupe satin with plummy grey undertones. Very unique. 
Stiletto - matte jet black  

What is your favorite makeup company? What company do you have the most products from? What do you think of Too Faced? Let me know in the comments!!

Best wishes,

Elisabeth <3

Monday, July 22, 2013

Madcap Makeup Monday

Hey Everyone, how's your day going? I hope it's off to a better start than my week - I got a unidentified bug bite this weekend and have spent most of the past two days in bed asleep. Not exactly a burgeoning opportunity for glamorous makeup (or ahem, any at all), however the previous week I tried a few different looks and really enjoyed the results.

During the past week I broke out of the summertime rut with a pinup red lipstick look, in addition to several days of bright pink lips and a smoky green eye shadow look for this weekend. It was a nice change from the all-natural/sweet look I've been attempting lately. 

What have you been wearing lately? Let me know in the comments!

Best wishes,

Elisabeth <3

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Revlon Lip Butter: Swatches and Review!

Hey Everyone,

I am as late to the party to review these as anyone ever was, but I love them so much and I've been in the process of rediscovering them so we'll just pretend that I'm not behind the eight ball here. If you envision this party as a Tea Party with me as the Mad Hatter - well you wouldn't be too far off!

I started buying these bad boys last summer like there was no tomorrow. As of now I have eleven of the colors and no plans to buy more unless they release new colors.  The four new summer shades they released weren't thrilling me.
I can honestly say I've never owned so many of one thing before and given how cheap I am about spending money, that should give you some idea of how much I like these!

The product:

It's billed as a lipstick and balm in one, which I find to be in essence true.While sheer, you can build the color on without ever getting 'clown' lips. I personally don't like the super harsh lines and color of a traditional lipstick, so the softer look and feel of this is one I adore. 

They come in a range of colors; there are reds and corals, pinks and nudes, berries and plums and even a few orange or purple bases. As of now there are 24 colors in all.

Depending the sale and where you buy, you can get these from around $6-7.

The packaging is adorable. Sheer, quilted plastic in candy colors. It is a bit cheap and prone to cracks, but I can live with it.

They are comfortable to wear. They aren't as moisturizing as an actual balm, but they aren't drying either. They feel buttery and luxurious to wear on the lips and have a soft sheen that means I pretty much skip lip gloss.

They are easy to apply; even the bolder colors don't require a mirror. 

They don't last forever, but they aren't instantly disappearing. Given how cute they are and how comfy it is to wear them, I don't mind reapplying.

They aren't dupes for the YSL Rouge Volupte Sheer Candy lipsticks, but given the price differential, it's pretty dang close. 

The colors I have:

Creme Brulee -  A white based, beige nude. It's one of the few true nudes I can wear without looking deathly. Micro pearl shimmer.

Sugar Frosting - The photo doesn't do this baby justice. It's a gorgeous light pink with a hint of gray/mauve undertone. Micro pink shimmer. 

Peach Parfait - This was my first and the color is still one of my favorites. A warm, rosy peach with larger gold glitter flecks.

Cupcake - A blue based pink Barbie pink. I don't see a lot of visible glitter, but it's so pink and shiny it looks a little frosty. Personally my least favorite. It's not a flattering color on my skin tone and makes my teeth look yellow. 

Cotton Candy - This is probably in first place or tied for my most worn lip butter. The perfect 'my lips but better' mid toned pink. Glossy and micro light pink shimmer.

Gumdrop - A light lilac creme. I have a hard time wearing the shade, but it's very pretty. It can be sheered out or built up to a fairly potent purple. Similar to several MAC shades such as Viva Glam Nicki 2. 

Sweet Tart -  A bright neon, warm-toned hot pink. I love it. Super flattering shade and definitely one of my most worn. It's a great summer shade!

Cherry Tart - The only true red I have from the Revlon Lip Butters. It's a warm cherry red with micro red shimmer. 

Berry Smoothie - If there was a three way tie for my favorite here - Berry Smoothie would be in it! It's a gorgeous light berry rose color with micro-hot pink shimmer. In the cooler months, I reach for this one all the time. 

Sugar Plum - True to it's name it's a plum color with a slight brown undertone and the glitter in it is so fine, I'm pretty much need a microscope to see it. 

Red Velvet -  The darkest shade I own. A vampy, brick red creme. Great for a wearable dramatic look. If there is any such thing!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What's in my purse

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to do a quick "what's in my bag" post and give some suggestions on what to bring with you. With ladies' handbags getting heavier and heavier these days, I have a couple of tips on how to streamline and declutter your handbag.

I have something of a reputation for being both minimal (as little as five items total) while being prepared when it comes to my handbag. Tape measure, anyone?

For my life on any given day I can have two to three bags. A purse, a laptop bag, a tote bag, etc. You can adjust the items to fit your needs; a mother of a infant would need to carry diapers, a single 20-something, hopefully, does not! These are just some general ideas so feel free to mix and mingle and add your own!

For me right now I'm pretty much down to a two bag rotation. I'm working from home at the moment, but I have done and am still a part of the professional circuit (think suits, laptops, and desk lunches) so if you'd like some ideas for a work tailored carry-all, let me know in the comments!

My everyday purse is the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac. I love it. It's very convenient for me (hands-free), mugging resistant link chain and on the go size meshes perfectly with my no-fuss personality. It's small size is limiting, but personally I like that fact. It could not be any more me truth be told. Plus...fringe!! <3  

What I carry in my purse:

On a day to day basis, like running out the door to run errands I have my:

Brighton Wallet
Sephora Mirror
Nutri-Grain bar
Burt's Bees tinted lip balm in Hibisus
Star Wars gummy fruit snacks - two of my favorite things in one! Yes I am an adult.
Rimmel Perfect Match concealer
Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner
Nars lip gloss in Super Orgasm
Ms. Manicure mini emery boards and bobby  pins
Hair Tie
Not shown - cell phone, pen, car keys and
Personal Protection Item: Mace, knife, gun, personal protection ring, defensive app on your phone, etc. Even a loud whistle! Pick what works for you - but have it!

In my tote bag:

Clinique Makeup Bag
Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer in Midnight Pomegranate
Mini knife/flash light/tape measure + level
Mini screw driver
Lint roller
Band Aids
Mini knife and flash light (you can never be too prepared!)  
Eye drops
Travel sized conditioner
Razor -This seems a bit extreme but I have fair hair and I've been out and about when I've noticed I missed a spot! Not a good look!
Colgate Wisps
Wet Wipe
Travelo perfume atomizer
Both and Body Works travel sized lotion in Daisy Dreamer
Crest toothpaste and tooth brush
Peppermints or gum
Dove Deodurant
Not shown- First aid kit and some snacks and water - not only is it healthier and less expensive than always buying a quick snack during the day, but for example if you leave in a climate where winters are really bad, having some emergency supplies on hand if your car gets stuck isn't a bad thing!

If I'm spending the day away from the house I'll bring my purse and a tote bag with all my goodies. It can almost double as an overnight bag. I am of the mind set 'always be prepared'. I've been stranded over night unexpectedly many times and my tote bag always comes in handy.

What do you carry with you??? Are you walking around with a twenty pound purse or are you able to get away without one at all? Let me know in the comments!!

Best wishes.

Elisabeth xo <3 xo

Safety Tips: Driving alone and vehicle maintence

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to have a quick post on safety. Specifically vehicle safety. Not on your driving; though turn signals and reasonable speeds aren't bad things! Instead, I want to focus on safety and a women alone. 

Sorry to any men out there reading this, but statistics put females at greater risks.

Women tend to get distracted and to be too nice. Traits that can be extremely dangerous to a woman alone.

A woman alone with her child in a parking garage is a target. A single female in a parking lot is a target. Now is not the time to have headphones on or be oblivious to your surroundings.

In addition to trying to make sure you are safe while entering/leaving your car, there is also making sure your vehicle is well maintained to help ensure your safety.


Avoid parking where there isn't a lot of traffic or light. Dark, lonely spots like parking lots and parking garages can be extremely dangerous places.

Be aware of your surroundings. Do you feel like someone is following you? Try to be alert when getting into and out of a vehicle - it is a opportunity for someone to attack you while you're distracted.

Is there a car parked next to you that gives you some unease? Try getting in through the passenger side. 

Make sure you carry your keys in between your fingers or have your cell phone ready to dial 911 if you're someplace you feel unsafe.

Don't tarry after you get in your car. Women have a tendency to stay in their vehicle while it's parked. This can give an attacker a chance to break in. If you do stay in your car while it's parked, make sure the doors are at least locked!

Hide your valuables. It can be as simple as storing your cds/iPod and making sure your shopping bags are hidden, but your car is more likely to be broken into if thieves can see easily transported items just laying around.

Check your back seat before you get in the car. An attacker can hide in your back seat and after you're on the road take you hostage.

Keep your doors locked and windows up when parked. Even at a stop light attackers have been known to jump into an unlocked car or to reach through an open window.


  • Get your tires rotated.
  • Change your oil.
  • Check your gas gauge.
  • Make sure all your lights in the car work. This means headlights, brake-lights, taillights, turn signals, etc. 
  • Pay attention to your brakes. This is not a part of the car that failing to work means a minor nuisance.
  • Are your tires in good shape? Not only are damaged tires dangerous, tires that are in poor shape can cost you money.
  • Check the fluids in your car.

Most of these things are simple enough you can do it yourself (don't tell me you can't check a light and make sure your tank is full!) and things like checking your fluids or changing your oil aren't difficult to do yourself. If you don't feel like getting your hands dirty or don't feel confident, just about everything here is relatively inexpensive. And maintaining your car means money saved in the long run and makes sure it won't break down, leaving you stranded in a bad location.

Keep a few supplies in your car at all times, just in case of an emergency. You can't plan for every possible outcome, but you can think ahead for some. Such as; keep a few non-perishable snacks and some water with you when you travel. 

A blanket is very useful, even when it's not an emergency! I use mine for naps when someone is driving, picnics and to tuck over my shopping bags/purse when I leave them in the car. 

Flares and jumper cables are inexpensive and invaluable to have on hand. There are even complete emergency car kits you can buy.

My last tip is one my parents taught me. If you are ever pulled over by a police officer and something doesn't feel right -it's rare, but there have been cases where attackers have posed as police officers - ask to follow them to the nearest police station. A real officer will be willing to let you. 

These are just a few tips - there are many more out there! I don't want to you feel afraid, I want you to feel confident that whatever situation you are in, you are able to handle it. Be prepared!

If you have any other suggestions or advice, please leave a comment! I'm a female who drives by herself a lot of the time too!

Best wishes,


Monday, July 15, 2013

Madcap Makeup Monday

Madcap Monday Madness

Hey everyone! I hope you had a good weekend and are going to have a great week! It's been getting ever hotter here and I've been using less and less makeup some this week's collection is pretty streamlined. I re-discovered so old favorites from last summer (I'm looking at you Revlon Lip Butters) that I've fallen for so hard again, I'm wondering why I ever left them.

Oh that's right, because I'm a fickle slave to beauty products.

Oh well. 

My go-to look for the week has been a bright pink lip - especially Temptress by Covergirl. It's a shimmer-free bright, Barbie neon-pink and I love it with a bit of a tan. I got several compliments on the color, which is always nice :) I've been pairing it with a little bit of blush and bronzer, a touch of concealer and powder; some long, defined and flirty eyelashes and a itty-bitty line of gel eyeliner. It's simple, wears well and cute for the summer.

What's your go-to July look???

Have a great rest of the day!! XO Elisabeth <3

Monday, July 8, 2013

Madcap Makeup Monday

Madcap Monday Makeup 

Welcome to a new weekly blog post. Recently I have gone on an over-hauling of my behaviors. I am trying to lessen the desire to constantly need something new,to avoid having the things I already own pile up into an unused mess. I've been streamlining everything and my wardrobe, bathroom cabinets and makeup have not been left behind hence....Madcap Monday Makeup! Mad*cap adj : likely to do something mad or reckless : done for fun without thinking. 

Sounds like a good description right? 

I did not have a that large a makeup collection, but it was much larger than I needed. So far I've gotten rid of five or six (at least) one-gallon bags worth of makeup. 
I'm still buying makeup, but I'm trying to make sure it's something I truly want and not go shopping as frequently. And I'm trying to use up what I do have before buying more. Waste not want not! 

Which brings us to this post. I keep my most reached for makeup on my dresser and at the beginning of every week I go through to see what I reached for and store what I didn't use. It also gives me the opportunity to keep the space neat and make sure what is in my 'stash' gets used. Throughout the week I may grab something from my stash and add it to the box, and I try to make sure to pull a few things out while I'm storing others, just to make sure everything I have is getting used or gets moved on. 

This past week I did a lot of traveling and ended up keeping my looks pretty simple. However I am categorically unable to wear the exact same look twice. Ever.
So, even though I'm trying to go from ten blushes to three and fifteen mascaras to two - I avoid the same makeup.  

And after this monster intro -

The tri-section box I keep my makeup in. Exciting no?

Read My Lips:
First set of Swatches From L-R:
Maybelline Lipstick in Glisten Up Pink 815
Kate Moss for Rimmel Lipstick in 10
Kate Moss for Rimmel Matte Lipstick in 101
Kate Moss for Rimmel Matte Lipstick in 105
Maybelline Color Whisper in Orange Attitude
NARS Lip Gloss in Super Orgasm
Mrs. Fields Lip Balm in Cinnimon Sugar
Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus

Second set of Swatches From L-R:
Sugar Rose Lip Balm 
Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss in Unlimited Gold 050
L'Oreal Colour Riche Color Caresse Wet Shine Stain in Endless Red 190
NARS Lip Gloss in Super Orgasm 

The Eyes Have It:

From L-R:
Stila the Natural Palette
Too Faced Liquif-Eye 
Too Faced Naked Eye
Too Faced Glamour to Go 
Too Faced Galaxy Glam Baked Eye-shadow in Deep Space
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Beige
BareMinerals Glimpse Loose Eye-shadow in Cupcake
Boots No.7 Eyeliner in Brown
Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner in Taupe 004
Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner in Black 001
Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner in Turquoise 007
Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner in Perfect Storm
Boots No. 7 Eyeliner in Bronze
 Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara in Black
Maybelline the Flasies Flared in Black
Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner in Expresso

Face to Face:
Tarte Amazonian Clay Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess
Tarte Amazonian Clay Bluch in Dollface
Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer in Light
Sonia Kashuk Powder
Clean and Clear Blotting Sheets
True Religion for Women Perfume
Bath and Body Works Wild Berry Tulips Body Spray
The Body Shop Vanilla and Tonka Bean
Abercrombie and Fitch 8 Perfume (Not a fan of the store-but I still like this scent!)
Boots Day Moisture Lotion with Rice Bran and Honey