Friday, August 24, 2012

Berry Kissed Lippie

This fall I'm embracing a darker eye and a darker berry lip. Not together necessarily - but who knows! I'm looking to try out what I've always been drawn to, but haven't been confident to try.

I've always been nervous with smoky eyes - I've got the technique, but I never liked it on me. My coloring is different; I have blonde hair, brown eyes and a interesting skin tone. I'm medium fair, but I've got a strong golden peach undertones, so I don't fall into "cool" or "warm" tones. Matching colors to me is very difficult!

I play the makeup game a little safely - until this year! I've experimented with bright pink lips, dark eyes, nude lips, etc.

#1 Fall Makeup Desire:
Wine colored lips!

plum lipsWine stained lips..
burgundy lips.
Berry lips

I subscribe to Elle, Vogue and Harpers, so I get them weeks after they actually are released. That being said, I'll start being obessed with something and after I get the magazine find out they've done a spread on it. Which can be irritating cause I love uniqueness but anyway lol Harpers has a vampy lip in their beauty ideas for fall too - so great minds think alike!

Now I just need to obtain the right color. I have a handful of vampier colors, but none are quite right. I have my eye on either Raspberry Pie or Red Velvet Cake by Revlon from the lip butters line (of course!) I know there are some other great companies and lines (ditto of course!) but I'm cheap and I'm not a fan of lipstick, so Butters are my <3

When I got the Clinique Lip Smoothie thingy (I like food inspired things. You may have noticed I have a thing for butter items) I hated it! I was going to get rid of it the first possible chance. Now, it's almost exactly what I'm looking for!

And let this be a lesson - and it's one I've failed many times! I'll look at a item and go "I hate this! I'll never wear it." Toss to the donate pail.

6 months later, a year later. I'm kicking myself over getting rid of that because it's just what I'm looking for! Give things a chance! Put it a aside, give it some time, then if you still cannot stand it, move it on.

Of the vampy colors I do own:

From L-R CO Bigelow Mentha Lipgloss in Berry Shimmer, Covergirl Lipstain in 440, Clinique Vitamin C Lip Smoothie in Goodness Grapecious, Trish McEvoy Lipgloss in Cheers. From Top to Bottom: Covergirl Lipstain in 430, Covergirl Lipstain in 405, Freeze 24/7 Iceslicks in Plumcicle, Covergirl Lipstain in 410.

Bottom Row from L-R: All Covergirl Lipstains. "440", "430", "405", "410"

Top Row from L-R. Clinique Lip Smoothie "Goodness Grapecious", Trish McEvoy "Cheers", Ice slicks "Plumcicle"  CO Bigelow "Berry Shimmer"
 Far right line: Lancome's Rouge Absolu "Violine"
Natural Light

Sally Hansen's Teeth Brightening Lipgloss 'Radiant", Revlon Lip Butter "Berry Smoothie." Revlon Lip Butter "Cherry Tart."

 *I know the reds aren't vampy, but I'm going for pin-ups (Reds) or Vamp (Plums) this F/W. And some of the browner based colors are too brown on me and layering the red helps it work with my coloring.

I'm obsessed for fall. Visions of clothes and makeup and shoes all inspired by crisp weather are dancing through my head 24/7. And I'm excited to be pushing my limits - the things I'm attracted to and what I'm actually comfortable being seen in are often two different styles of thought.

The Ten Things for Fall I'm most excited for:
1: That bite in the air
2: Jeans
3: Sweaters & sweatshirts in modern takes on 80's silhouette
4: Wedges
5: Soups and breads
6: Hot coco
7: Plum/Berry/Wine lips
8: A dear friend travels through 
9: Roaring fires 
10: Knits

What are you most excited for???